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Sugar & plants

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What do you think about this one? We´ll try this one out very soon…..

young plant

Photosynthesis & plants

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Do you remember from previous years?


The Photosynthesis song!


Plant exercise with animations.

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Let’s see this excellent exercise to work through the plant lesson


PLANTS. Why are they important?

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Photosynthesis. 5ºEP

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Try this video and do the following quiz. This is the amimation we saw in class but there is a quiz at the end you can do. I need your information to know if you are doing the questions correctly.

Good Luck.


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Looking after our stick insects. Ecosystems

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Now we have to be careful with the food they eat. At the moment they are eating rose plants, but they only eat the leaves. We must clean them well to remove the pesticides and chemicals they have before giving them to the bugs.

Some of our children clean the leaves.

2013-11-26 16.59.28

And this is one of the parents

We will introduce more information in the main poster.

2013-11-26 17.02.47

PLANTS. Lesson diagram. 5ºEP

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Lesson diagram. Patricia Trigueros. 5ºC