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Introductory video to Cells. 5º-6º P.E.

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Watch again this motivational trailer! This unit we will be studying the different levels of organization in the human body and, as we have seen in class, it all starts with the cell. After watching the following video, try to answer the question below:

Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

Chemical or Physical Change Lab. 5º E.P.

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Chemical of Physical Change Lab. 5º E.P.

If you understood everything we said in class you will be able to do this without any problem. Good luck and study your mistakes reading the information.
Enjoy it!!

Changes in Matter. 5ºEP. Science

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Let’s study the changes in matter. With these interesting animations and descriptions it will be very easy to review everthing we’ve been talking in class.changes_in_matter

Change in Matter. Solid-Liquid-Evaporation. Science 5ºEP

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Here you can see how molecules behave when changes of state happen.

The three “R” game. 6ºE.P. English

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Check this cool game to look after our environment and reduce our global warming.

This is a perfect representation of a the transforming cycle that suffers a butterfly.
From a worm to a butterfly.