Photosynthesis & plants

Publicado: octubre 7, 2016 de fersanjo en Plants

Do you remember from previous years?


The Photosynthesis song!


  1. alba dice:

    o mister fernando the video is very cool

  2. pedro dice:

    what is that blue thing with glasses

  3. DANI5B dice:

    i like this gama a lot

  4. Ángela 5C dice:

    Dani is game not gama

  5. Martis 02 5c dice:

    But is something similar

  6. Merymonre dice:

    I licked very much this vídeos are very good for learning and very interesting😋😋😋

  7. Merymonre dice:

    Fernando you hace tu put the vídeo of sugar😤😤😤

  8. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Maria What do you mean Whith hace 😶😑😑

  9. Luis D. Fournier 5A dice:

    I like a lot this videos thank you Fernando

  10. Ángela 5C dice:

    This video is very interesting

  11. pedro dice:

    put the video of sugar please !!!!!!

  12. alba dice:

    put the video of the sugar

  13. cca 5A dice:

    every plant can do this fundamental process and we can call this photosynthesis

  14. fernan dice:


  15. alba dice:

    i all ways singin de potosistesis song

  16. Angela dice:

    I like this video

  17. david niño 5 c dice:

    Is not necesary put the letter of the song in capital letter, Fernan

  18. david niño 5 c dice:

    but I like the song too.
    And every plant can do this…

  19. Angela dice:

    This videos are very interesting


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