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Plant of a building and visual aspect in 3D. 5ºEP.

Publicado: noviembre 15, 2013 de Nacho Herrero en Landscapes, Maps, Science 5º
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There are different interpretation of maps that we can do and thanks to applications like Google Earth or Maps we can have a 3D view of  a model.

In this case you can see the Westmister Abbey in London. Follow this link to open de archive in Google Earth.

This is the archive to open in GOOGLE EARTH.


If you clic on this picture you open the 3d model on the Internet.


This is the Colegio Santa Cruz by our school.


Finally, just see the map we have for the excursion of Senderismo en Familia and check the image in 3d and the flat model of the map.


GOOGLE EARTH. Clic here.

Landscapes. Lesson 4

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Lesson diagram. By Celia Rodríguez.5C