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Publicado: noviembre 19, 2013 de Nacho Herrero en Arts & Crafts, Living things, Posters, School Activities

During these days the children have been creating an excellent water ecosystem for tropical fish. Of course we did the first steps and now we have to wait to have the big fish you will see in this video. The fish you see at the end of the video lived in the same acuarium last year. In the “arts and crafts” classes we decorated the posters for the instructions and now we are ready to write more things…

Now it’s your turn if you want to look after them. Be careful with the Acid levels, the temperature (always between 24-25º C) and feed them correctly.
We will create some more ecosystems.

2013-11-14 16.46.19

2013-11-15 11.05.07


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First Conditional Game!

This is the exercise we’ve just done in clase.
Order the sentences. Good luck

Vertebrates Lesson Diagram. 5ºEP

Publicado: febrero 3, 2013 de Nacho Herrero en Posters, Science 5º

We have to options to study our lesson diagram.

Paula Perez Cancio 5ºC


Celia Rodriguez  5ºC