Sugar & plants

Publicado: octubre 11, 2016 de fersanjo en Plants, U


What do you think about this one? We´ll try this one out very soon…..

young plant

  1. Merymonre dice:


  2. Merymonre dice:

    Waooooo is amazing😮😮😮😮

  3. pedro dice:

    ohhh the video is fantastic thank you

  4. Lucía 5°C dice:

    This is interesting . And also very sweet!! 🍨🍨🍧🍦🎂🍩🍭🍬🍰🍫

  5. alba dice:

    is very interesting

  6. FT dice:

    Is very interesting

  7. Mikaela 5º C dice:

    Thak you very much Fernando .Now I can ¨enterarme¨ about that . Jajajaj 😀

  8. alba dice:

    Is amezin howthe can make thesugar
    Is so yami,

  9. Ángela5C dice:

    This video is very interesting

  10. pedro dice:

    is amazing no amezin

  11. david niño 5 c dice:

    I didn t now how sugar is makes but now I can see. thank you Mr.gonzalez!

  12. The new presin dice:

    It’s so interesting and delicius!!🍧🍧

  13. The new president of the goverment dice:

    It’s so interesting and delicius 🍭🍭

  14. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Pedro you are right 👈👈👈👈😎😎😎and Mr gonzalez the videos are veryyyyyyy Good I want more videosssss😅😅😅😅😅💟💜

  15. Martis 02 5c dice:

    I like the too of them butacas I prefer the video of the sugar💜👌👌

  16. Colomina dice:

    Is fantaStic

  17. mauro 5B crack dice:

    I don’t think that it is the best thing of the world

  18. richardthepro dice:

    oyeha i like tis video !!!!!

  19. Ricardo Muñoz 5 C dice:

    me too jajajaj

  20. Angela dice:

    I didn´t know how can make sugar but now I know

  21. Alberto celada 5 A dice:

    where is the game

  22. david niño 5 c dice:

    what game?

  23. Beatriz dice:

    Beatriz dice:i love the videos:-O


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