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5B Towers: potential energy

Publicado: junio 16, 2017 de fersanjo en Science, Science 5º

1st. Team: 150 cm. (Not the final tower. Top part had to be removed)


2nd team: 145 cm.


3rd team: 143 cm.


4th team: 140 cm


5th team: 90 cm.


6th team: 42 cm.





This morning has been different! 6th grade students have visited the Medicine School of Valladolid. They have learnt many interesting things about what doctors normally research and how they carry out their experiments with rats, mice, worms and bacteria. After the laboratories, we went to the anatomy museum to see a huge variety of human and animal models, tools, bones and many cool stuff that we have studied before.

We really appreciate the time some teachers and doctors have spent on us. Thanks so much!

Here you can enjoy our experience with some photos:



This big boy needs help!


Interactive Time Line. History

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Click on this time line and add your events or learn about the history
Choose any of the periods in history and discover more about the history
More civilizations  here.


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This post is dedicated to a project carried out by the 5th level students. After several weeks working on the different sectors of the economy they have done a really nice job about it. This is just a sample of their work. Thank you guys for your dedication. Congratulations on your project, very well done!!!!

Presentation by Berta Diago 5ºA

Changes in Matter. 5ºEP. Science

Publicado: marzo 12, 2014 de Nacho Herrero en Matter, Science, Science 5º

Let’s study the changes in matter. With these interesting animations and descriptions it will be very easy to review everthing we’ve been talking in class.changes_in_matter

Change in Matter. Solid-Liquid-Evaporation. Science 5ºEP

Publicado: marzo 12, 2014 de Nacho Herrero en Science, Science 5º

Here you can see how molecules behave when changes of state happen.