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Irregular Verb Wheel Game

Publicado: marzo 25, 2017 de fersanjo en U



The race

Publicado: marzo 6, 2017 de darinofr en Reproduction, Reproductive system, U

Check the race the sperm cells do when they enter the woman´s body to find the egg cell.


Publicado: enero 19, 2017 de darinofr en U

In the following video you can see all the process of fertilisation and how amazing is the beginning of a human being.

Check it out and don´t forget to leave your thoughts!

Science time!

Publicado: diciembre 15, 2016 de darinofr en Science 6º, U

A little sum up of the class we had today. Our students have discovered how are the organs of a pig and mice. They looked scared first but they have enjoyed a lot!



Publicado: noviembre 23, 2016 de darinofr en U

After days of colouring legumes, we finally finish our mosaics! And these are the beautiful results!

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What´s blood made of?

Publicado: noviembre 23, 2016 de darinofr en U

We have many different components running inside our blood and here you have an explanation of them.

Introducing the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.


Digestive system

Publicado: noviembre 15, 2016 de darinofr en Digestive system, Science 6º, U

Here you can see the digestive system in a funny and different way!

Click here !digestive system.jpg