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Climograph example. 5ºEP

Publicado: enero 9, 2014 de Nacho Herrero en Weather
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This is a nice example to see the weather we had these Christmas Holidays.

2014-01-09 14.30.07

2014-01-08 10.01.24

Weather forecast websites. 5ºEP

Publicado: octubre 24, 2013 de Nacho Herrero en Weather
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eThis is a map of Europe  at the present moment but you can check the weather forecast and repeat the animation we studied in class visiting  these two interesting websites.

Look at this  picture and check the tornados and storms at present time in China.


I strongly recomend you this live session about the “Power of storms”. These sessions are organised in the PRAE in Valladolid. The session is tomorrow. Just book your place and for more information chech this link.

Teatro Científico y mucha ciencia en directo este sábado en el PRAE

I can tell you that on this blog you can find lots of interesting science things, news and experiments.

Check the post about “HOW DOES OUR BRAIN WORK“. Francisco Páez is the author and the speaker of all this knowledge . I really recomend this article for parents, I took from an interesting session held in the PRAE. It can help you to remember things, to understand strategies to memorise and take the most of our “BRAINS”.
You will understand why studying is necessary everyday.

Enjoy it and if you have any questions visit the website or write any comment.

Nacho Herrero