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Ecosystem game

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Create a balanced desert ecosystem in which each animal has enough food to survive for 12 days.




Hong Kong – Spain

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“Learning more about the ecosystems in Hong Kong.” In the following pic, you can see Maria (5ºB) talking to the teachers.

Go to the comments and share with us what you learned in the session!



City ecosystems

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Hi we are Alba,Micaela,Sofia and Rodrigo and we are going to share information about:   🌍City Ecosystem . Have a look to this video , photos and information 
-STUDY  A LOT: Exams with Fernando can be very difficult📚  (this is a lie!! Doc. F)

Urban green spaces, which include parks and playing fields, have important benefits. They provide a range of ecosystem services and can help to mitigate problems that are particularly prevalent in cities, such as air and noise pollution.


What living & non-living “things” can you see in the video about Hong Kong? COMMENTS PLEASE!


These days we are doing some interesting posters with an special layer of Augmented Reality. This project consits in applying an interactive layer on the poster children created in class.

First we do de posters in groups, 2nd they choose and check links or interesting websites to add to their posters and finally y put them toguether with an aumented reality program.

First of all we need de app LAYAR we can find in this link and download on your tablet of smart phone.

Then you scan the class poster. Open it in a new window. This one.

2014-02-27 16.42.19

And finally scan this picture of the poster with the app layar camera and you will see this.

The links and voice you listen are the children. AWESOME

2014-03-01 21.13.49

Parts of an ecosystem. 5ºEP

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In this video we can see the different components of the ecosystems with different types of population and examples of living things and conditions.

The three “R” game. 6ºE.P. English

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Check this cool game to look after our environment and reduce our global warming.