Reflection and refraction

Publicado: enero 28, 2019 de fersanjo en light, Science 6º

  1. INES dice:

    they are very nice

  2. INES dice:

    they put some expamples that i like

  3. INES dice:

    the first video was a bit funny
    the second ones was good because it saws the mixin of the colours. There is a lot of difference beteween mies of colors with crayons than whith light, i try it and is like that
    and the last one i didnt understood it because it was very short and the image wasnt clear, in my oppinion, i dont know others

  4. Teresa dice:

    The videos where so good!!!!

  5. Teresa dice:

    I like the introducction of Bill Nye The Science Guy 🙂

  6. Teresa dice:

    The program was in Disney Channel??

  7. marta fernández dice:

    very fast the light jeje

  8. marta fernández dice:

    i dont knew that we can get many colors with the ligh is the same when we color.I ask myself if you could paint a picture with lights, anyone knows?


    🎓which ones are the different between reflection and reflaction

    • samuel dice:

      Reflection is when light bounces off opaque objects,and reflection is that when light passes from one transparent substance to another,it changes speed and direction

  10. Rodrigo Manzano dice:

    I lije this video because is really interesting and good

  11. samuel dice:

    I like the two videos but the first one is the best

  12. Rosalía dice:

    The first and the second one are so good the third no so much but also is great

  13. santiagooooo5D dice:


  14. GUILLITO!!!! dice:

    i like it

  15. santiagooooo5D dice:

    I sow the video for my brother and he say:IS FASCINANT

  16. iñigatorr dice:

    is so interesting!!!!!! I love it

  17. GUILLITO!!! dice:

    We learn a lot with this


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