Electric circuit

Publicado: noviembre 7, 2018 de fersanjo en Energy, Science 6º

Let´s warm up! Create your own circuit!

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 9.31.12 PM

  1. nereita1D dice:

    the first time that i se i think wats tis? but then i start to understund

  2. paula bachiller dice:

    it´s very good but are symbols that i don´t understand good

  3. Inés García López dice:

    is very good and interesting

  4. Beatriz dice:

    I think that is good, but my circuit doesn’t work

  5. Beatriz dice:

    I think that is good, and is a good help to prepare our proyects.

  6. Beatriz dice:

    forgot the comment of it doesn’t work

  7. Pablo dice:

    it is very good

  8. cristina dice:

    very interestin aplication

  9. marta pascual dice:

    it is very good to study english

  10. alicia dice:

    it´s very intesting

  11. patricia plaza dice:

    it is very good this game

  12. David Ramos Vidal dice:

    its one of my favourite games i like it to much

  13. paula perez dice:

    i like this exercise because you can remeber the symbols for the exam

  14. carlota sanjuan dice:

    the exercise is very intresting and you can lern many things

  15. celia rodríguez dice:

    hello, i like a lot this game is great.
    🙂 😉

  16. javier san jose dice:

    This excercise is very good

  17. patricia dice:

    i like this game,it is very fun

  18. cristina dice:

    the pictures are very fun

  19. David Medina dice:

    Is very good , interesting and very fun

  20. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I like so much.This game is very good

  21. casilda dice:

    the game is exelent

  22. diego lopez dice:

    hits very good

  23. Marta Heras dice:

    the game of the circuits is fantastic!!!!

  24. natalia dice:

    I like this exercise because it can help you to study.It’s very good.

  25. Marta Heras dice:

    Do you like the game????

  26. clara dice:

    i like it its fantastic!!!!!!

  27. natalia dice:

    yes casilda the game is excellent!!¡¡¡

  28. v.mato dice:

    bom,bom,bom,does the bulb

  29. david medina dice:

    i like a lot

  30. Beatriz dice:

    It’s very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!:):)

  31. natalia dice:

    I like a lot marta

  32. v.mato dice:

    hello all class of 6c

  33. Itzi dice:

    I like a lot this game
    I think that we can learn a lot with this activities
    This can help me to do the science exam of friday

  34. Pablo Horrillo dice:

    I like when the frog explote

  35. luis dice:

    i like the monkey

  36. Paula Izquierdo dice:

    It’s fantastic!!!!!

  37. natalia dice:

    That’s right itziar we can learn a lot for the science exam.

  38. diego lopez dice:

    i think that this game the best to learn and study for the exam and itd interesting

  39. Marta Heras dice:

    I like it a lot.
    It is very funny when it explotes!!!!!

  40. Itzi dice:

    I like a lot the games that you put Fernando

  41. MIKE dice:

    The exploting of the frog is nice

  42. natalia dice:

    hello victor do you like teh game?¿?¿?¿

  43. luis dice:

    try to destroy the “frog bulb”

  44. luis dice:

    yea ,itziar,this game is good for the exam

  45. Itzi dice:

    Some of the videos and games are funny 🙂

  46. natalia dice:

    🙂 Hello class do you like this game?¿?¿

  47. juan dice:

    i think that these is very good to understand

  48. natalia dice:

    it’s great what do you think?¿?¿ :):)

  49. claudia dice:

    this exercise is very good to study

  50. gabri dice:

    it was very good the bests ting is when something explots

  51. juan diez bort dice:

    this game is perfect

  52. pablo contreras dice:

    the game its very funny with the animals

  53. Silvia dice:

    it is very FUNNY!!!!! I like when the animals splote.
    I think is a good idea to help us to study

  54. pablo contreras dice:

    there are many coments 🙂

  55. pablo f dice:

    this is the best play of the blog

  56. directioner ainoa dice:

    it’s very funy

  57. carmen gg dice:

    it is good to prepare for the exams ,and i like when the headf of the animals explote

  58. rodrigo dice:

    i like when the frog explots xD

  59. patri bueno dice:

    it is a good game to prepare the exam ,it is also very good if you don t understand something of the parts of the circuit

  60. sara dice:

    i think that this game is very good and interesting, because you can use it to prepare the exam and to invent new circuits

  61. luis herrero dice:

    i like a lot this game!!!!!!:)

  62. miguel co dice:

    yes i think so, you have to put more games like this

  63. jhonny pistolas dice:

    i like this game because the frog the motor and the bell cian explote it is funny !!!!!):):)

  64. Mencia dice:

    The game is really good And it’s a form to study too

  65. miguel co dice:

    I think so, but the best part is that we learn how to do circuits.

  66. Andrés García dice:

    I like a lot when the light buble explotes

  67. paula dice:

    this game is fantastic i like very much

  68. Teresa dice:

    The circuit is great!! I like it very much!!

  69. Teresa dice:

    I like this things in the blog!!


    The game looks impressive but I can’t play 😭😭


    🎓what is an electric current?


    🎓what is a compass?


    🎓 Wath is a switch?


    🎓what is a battery?


    🎓 how can you change the direction of the motor?


    🎓 what is the name of the Greece city where they where found magnets?


    🎓 what is a conductor?


    🎓 what is a device that changes electricity into another for of energy?


    🎓 what is a insulator?


    Uf this looks one exam📑


    Look one video call se fue la luz is really good

  82. samuel dice:

    Is the movement of negatively charged electrons through objects

  83. samuel dice:

    Good questions Pablo

  84. samuel dice:

    What is an electromagnet?

  85. samuel dice:

    What is magnetism?

  86. samuel dice:

    Are protons positive ore negative charged?

  87. Rosalía Herrero DLF dice:

    I did in class and I last for ten minutes… But is so cool!!!!!

  88. appletree dice:

    I like alot the game

  89. appletree dice:

    Fersanjo ¿Can you put more games like this plase?

  90. appletree dice:

    What is an electric circuit?

  91. INES dice:

    i like this game because it gives you a lot of ideas for the diagram you need to do in the page of the project

  92. Mateo dice:

    Fernando publish something in the blog!


    Put in the blog more videos please

  94. Teresa dice:

    OMG!! A lot of questions…..

  95. Teresa dice:

    and a lot of answers…

  96. appletree dice:

    lol the game is very intresting and funy

  97. appletree dice:

    how can we got the colour magenta?

  98. Felipe dice:

    Mixin red plus blue

  99. Felipe dice:

    This game its so good i like it so much

  100. Felipe dice:

    What is a conductor

  101. maría!!!!!!!:) dice:

    I like very much this game is very good to learn and also is funny and interesting. You have to put more games like this one 😉

  102. adriana garcia dice:

    I like this game a lot and you enjoy and have fun
    I like it so much

  103. cris dice:

    I like but some symbols we don´t lenrt in class

  104. Alejandra Gutierrez dice:

    I like this game

  105. Mikaela Confident 5º C dice:

    👏👏👍👍 I LIKED TO MUCH 👌👌💖💖
    Its so good …… 😁😊😃

  106. alba dice:

    this is a very goodgme

  107. Pablo Bazal 5ºA dice:

    Is a very good game ****************** #ELECTRO GAMES#

  108. nico5cuseros dice:

    The animal are bery good

  109. luis5ºA dice:

    I like a lot this game Fernando and it ´ s fantastic for studing

  110. Andrea y hector dice:

    I like this game

  111. Micaela Confident 5ºC dice:


  112. anonimo dice:

    the A is the best .And i´mthe best

  113. MANUEL 5b dice:

    this game is very interesting but my computer goes very slow

  114. MANUEL 5b dice:

    the A is not the best ,is the BBBBBBBBBBBBBB

  115. Alejandra Gutierrez dice:

    This game is fun

  116. Irene dice:

    I love the circuit world application!!! Fernando good job

  117. alba dice:

    I lave .
    is very good for estading

  118. pedro confident dice:

    it doesn t work .It s a poor quality game

  119. pedro confident dice:

    hello there is some people to talk because im alone

  120. silvia dice:

    i love the game

  121. silvia dice:

    I have practice and I have fun with the game

  122. Miguel Diaz dice:

    Good game of circuits. I love exploding things!!!

  123. Javier Caballo dice:

    I love animals and exploting things!

  124. JAVI GONZÁLEZ 5B dice:


  125. JAVI GONZÁLEZ 5B dice:


  126. Héctor 5º C dice:

    It´s very funny!!!!!

  127. @mariiin4 dice:

    I´ts funny to kill animals

  128. @mariiin4 dice:

    Mr.González yo are a magician !!!!

  129. Marta Huidobro dice:

    The game is fantastic!!!

  130. Anne dice:

    I like this game, is very funny!!!

  131. iñiguito dice:

    this game is too excited gg

  132. juan loro dice:

    very fun really interesting

  133. iñiguito dice:

    we can play this all days,is too funny

  134. juliusEpic 5B dice:

    very funny

  135. Manual Rodriguez Alvarez dice:

    the app is verry good y gant to play every day

  136. sara ramos lopez dice:

    the game is cool I would like there to be more modes

  137. Gonzalo Gutierrez dice:

    very interesting and funny.

  138. rodrigo dice:

    the game is fantastic

  139. natalia de tricaud sanz dice:

    hi this web is fantastic

  140. rodrigo blanco dice:

    for my babies

  141. Rauliin dice:

    One of the best games by rauliin

  142. paulichu del campuss dice:

    hello Im PAULA.I think this game is very good to learn how to conect the circuits.

  143. Manual rincón cortés dice:

    the wweb is berry finiest y love

  144. natalia de tricaud sanz dice:

    circuits are great

  145. rodigo blanco dice:

    one of the best games y play

  146. valle5B dice:

    I love this game its very interesting

  147. natalia de tricaud sanz dice:

    hi , i think this web is great to lern how to do circuits i recomend this web.

  148. GUILLITO JR 5d dice:

    Energy that is waiting is potential energy

  149. GUILLITO JR 5d dice:

    Fernando you are very good

  150. Rexpuchuchu 5A dice:

    GG Very good game

  151. Ciro Argüello dice:

    Very interesting to play. Funny.

  152. juan loro dice:

    very interesting, if you want to be president you could play this game

  153. iñiguito dice:

    you can learn a lots of things here


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