Circulatory system: The basics. 6º P.E. Science.

Publicado: octubre 21, 2017 de fersanjo en Circulatory system, Science 6º

Click on the heart to watch a short video explaining how a human heart pumps blood! If you don´t get it, listen to this rap song about the circulatory system, a video which is shown in many Science classes around the United States! It might help you…

  1. carlos gonzalez-carballo sanchez dice:

    i thinquin thath the heart is the most inportan organ in the body because mobe the sange an ellow you tu mube

  2. claudia fernandez de castro rey dice:

    i love the rap can you put more vidios like does

  3. Mario Rodríguez dice:

    this is very funny…THE HEART IS FUNNY!

  4. miguel dice:

    its very interesting the rap,I thing it´s a good form for stady

  5. Inés García López dice:

    It was very funny

  6. paula dice:

    it is very funny the rap
    put more please

  7. Ángl Blanco dice:

    it´s true i lked the rap

  8. veronica barbolla dice:

    I like it a lot is interesting.

  9. david alfageme serrano dice:

    is fantastic no?????????????????????????????

  10. paulitaaa dice:

    I like the most the rap is very funny and …
    (We have to corect the foulds )

  11. carmen grijalba dice:

    i like the rap a lot

  12. Patricia Bueno dice:

    Is very interesting

  13. Luis herrero dice:

    I like a lot the rap!!!!!!!!!it is very fast!!!!

  14. isatienerizos dice:

    i like de rap beacouse is very funny and catchy

  15. rodrigo carravilla dice:

    i like the rap a lot its very interesting

  16. diego lopez dice:

    The rap is interesting and fast ,very fast

  17. Andrés García dice:

    I love the rap!!!And the video is also very good.

  18. Pablo Contreras dice:

    It’s very interestig i like it

  19. Ismael Alonso dice:

    I like this video a lot because it helps you to remember.

  20. Claudia Fernández dice:

    Os Very good for study i like so much

  21. Miguel cuadrado dice:

    Is very dificult

  22. Itziar dice:

    the rap is fantastic
    it helps you to study and is very fast

  23. casilda dice:

    tghe rap its excelent and its true what itziar said; it helps you to study

  24. paula perez dice:

    I’M typing
    the rap is very good and the video too 🙂

  25. juan diez bort dice:

    this rap is fantastic and very beautiful

  26. casilda dice:

    the video as well helps to study
    Typing? what does it mean?

  27. violeta badas dice:

    very good way to learn the circulatory system

  28. ainoit dice:

    the rap is very good and funy

  29. Samuel Martín dice:

    I like the rap I think its very difficult to do a rap

  30. Samuel Martín dice:

    I understad the video no like others that they talk fast

  31. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    Is a fantástico rap i like a lot

  32. Irene dice:

    after watching the video I understand all better and the rap is fantastic ❤ ❤ ❤

  33. Mencía Castaño-Justel Vallelado dice:

    The rap is really good,and is also a way to study and remember things.
    I like it a lot!!! 🙂

  34. Mencía dice:

    This video and the rap make me understand things better.It´s a different way to study. 🙂

  35. Mencía dice:

    Thanks Fernando! 🙂

  36. luis pascu dice:

    I like a lot the song Is really good

  37. Felipe dice:

    This rap its amazing love it

  38. Cristina garcia dice:

    I like so much the vídeos because aré very interestin and i like rap Oslo

  39. Elsa dice:


  40. Elvira dice:

    I like it very much and I think it shows the circulatory system very well. It’s a very funny way to learn and study

  41. rodriparada dice:

    the rap amazing i need more and the video helps me a lot to studie

  42. Raul Pastor dice:

    incredible rap

  43. Paula Rodriguez dice:

    I like more the rap is more funny and I antherstand the song

  44. alvaro cifu dice:

    it’s a very good,good rap rap it’s usefull oh yes

  45. Samuel Martín dice:

    Everytime I visit the blog I listen to the rap.Its incredible

  46. Miguel Díaz dice:

    Good video for learning 😄😊

  47. Micaelarope_12 dice:

    I love this rap !!💖😂🙈✨

  48. migeletron dice:

    hi I like so much the rap

  49. Silvia 6C dice:

    The rap is good


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