What causes constipation?

Publicado: septiembre 29, 2017 de fersanjo en Digestive system, Science 6º

A good video to review the digestive system…….

  1. Inés García López dice:

    I dont like very much.
    The poo is on your large intestine…..

  2. Paula Bachiller dice:

    it´s very interesting but a bit strange

  3. Felipe dice:

    This is an amazing video

  4. Rodrigo Manzano dice:

    The poop is very circular

  5. rodriparada dice:

    agggg but is also good but aaggg

  6. Amaya dice:

    It’s good but I don’t want to see it before the dinner.

  7. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    I think that this video is very intrestinge but is also……….

  8. this video is very interesting

  9. Raul Pastor dice:

    O my good i am eating a sándwich and…..them when i see the poo ….is good but agggg,my sándwich 🙂

  10. paila554 5A dice:

    oh dear I don’t like much ,bat its good.

  11. Miguel Diaz dice:

    i can’t see the video 😦


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