Publicado: mayo 29, 2017 de fersanjo en Science 5º

Don´t miss out!
June 8th
7,00pm – 8,00 pm


 Topic: Materials, forms of energy, sources of energy. Get ready for the final!

  1. Martis_02☺ dice:

    Hi Fernando I think That I could talk in the chat butacas I dont now

  2. fernan dice:

    the temperature of an object teells us how hot an object is

  3. fernan dice:

    what is the definition of heat and temperature
    fernando are you here

  4. fernan dice:

    is going to be easily the exam

  5. Micaela Confident 5ºC dice:

    Fernando it doesnt let me to enter to the chat !!!🤔☹

  6. Maria Marcos dice:

    I Can’t entre in the chat 😭😭😭

  7. Mauro dice:


  8. alba dice:

    were is the new gone

  9. alba dice:

    how we can enter

  10. pedro dice:

    Im late.I forget the chat

  11. Pedro Confident 5c dice:

    Any question?

  12. anonimo dice:

    today we are having a chat?

  13. IRENE 5A dice:

    But fernando you said in the class that the chat was to 7:30 to 8:30 and i was entering in the blog and i coudnt

  14. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:


  15. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:

    Mr Gonzalez ,the questions that you tell in class for our partner we have to do in class ,or in our house???

  16. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:

    Fernando you can’t put in the exam how does electricity flows through cables !!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t explain my I don’t understand.

    • fersanjo dice:

      I explained that a thousand times!…..what do u need to know? Let me know. I’ll be here

      • RACHEL 5A J23 dice:

        wy wen electroms flows in the same direction [negative] creates a positive electric current in the opposite direction?

      • fersanjo dice:

        When I was explaining this concept, I told everyone to skip this part, since we are going to see it in detail when doing the group proyect. For now, The only thing you need to know is that electricity is the movement of negatively charged electrons -from atom to atom—-one electrom jumps to the next atom so it pushes another electro..and so on-.
        This is the basic concept. In the next days we´ll build on that.

        Keep working Rachel! Good job!! 🙂

  17. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:

    Thanks you are the best 🙂

  18. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:

    They underline anything of HOW DOES ELECTRICITY CURRENT FLOW THROUGH WIRES in the notebook wen I don’t was in the school ? Mr Gonzalez?

    • fersanjo dice:

      Just get the idea, as explained before. As long as you explain it the right way it will be ok (no need to use the exact same words from the book). No worries. ;);):)

  19. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:



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