Publicado: mayo 29, 2017 de fersanjo en Science 5º

Don´t miss out!
June 8th
7,00pm – 8,00 pm


 Topic: Materials, forms of energy, sources of energy. Get ready for the final!

  1. Martis_02☺ dice:

    Hi Fernando I think That I could talk in the chat butacas I dont now

  2. fernan dice:

    the temperature of an object teells us how hot an object is

  3. fernan dice:

    what is the definition of heat and temperature
    fernando are you here

  4. fernan dice:

    is going to be easily the exam

  5. Micaela Confident 5ºC dice:

    Fernando it doesnt let me to enter to the chat !!!🤔☹

  6. Maria Marcos dice:

    I Can’t entre in the chat 😭😭😭

  7. Mauro dice:


  8. alba dice:

    were is the new gone

  9. alba dice:

    how we can enter

  10. pedro dice:

    Im late.I forget the chat

  11. Pedro Confident 5c dice:

    Any question?

  12. anonimo dice:

    today we are having a chat?

  13. IRENE 5A dice:

    But fernando you said in the class that the chat was to 7:30 to 8:30 and i was entering in the blog and i coudnt

  14. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:


  15. Rachel 5 A j23 dice:

    Mr Gonzalez ,the questions that you tell in class for our partner we have to do in class ,or in our house???


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