Hong Kong – Spain

Publicado: enero 18, 2017 de fersanjo en Ecosystems, skype

“Learning more about the ecosystems in Hong Kong.” In the following pic, you can see Maria (5ºB) talking to the teachers.

Go to the comments and share with us what you learned in the session!



  1. alba dice:

    very good maria

  2. MANUEL 5b dice:

    Hello my Friends:
    When we talk to the chinese people we learn that in Hong Kong there is a special frog and there is to a pink dolphin

  3. Alfredo dice:

    It seems very funny

  4. fernan dice:

    my friends
    he learn that when the sorm black or red childrens doesn’t goto shcool

  5. Mikaela Confident 5º C dice:

    Mr.Gonzalez we want to talk with them too !!!!! 🤞🤞🙋💁

  6. Eduardo 5ºB dice:


    When we talk to Sofia and company we learn a lot of city ecosystems in Hong Kong

  7. lolpablo dice:

    mr gonzalez can you doit with us please

  8. lolpablo dice:

    but beter americans

  9. Colomina to power dice:

    they speak chinese

  10. Jimena dice:

    It was a great experience
    We learned a lot about Hong Kong

  11. Alejandra Gutierrez dice:

    Her fríen and sofia explain as city ecosistems

  12. Sara dice:


  13. Silvia 6C dice:

    We will do this??????


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