Publicado: noviembre 9, 2016 de fersanjo en invertebrates

Learn more about how a Jellyfish reproduces


How do you pronounce this word? Click here to find out (& practice)


  1. alba dice:


  2. Sofireynolds dice:

    The vídeo is good, but is a bit desgusting i dont like ver y much the jellyfish

  3. Merymonre dice:

    We are the best
    Fernando can I say one tthing un spanis pleaseeeeeee????

  4. Merymonre dice:

    Mejor pequeña y revoltosa q alta y patosa .
    For you Fernando for you !!!!!!!

  5. Merymonre dice:

    And the videos were good jijijiji
    Can Sameone talkkk
    Im ungryyy

  6. Merymonre dice:

    Marta says that the other day I coment few why do you say that Marta

  7. Merymonre dice:

    Well when someone talk I talk and Fernando dont eliminate my coments

  8. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Its ver good but a little bit dangerous no?😕😕😕

  9. irene dice:

    I like the video ,is good but not excellent

  10. Irene dice:

    Hello there is someone there

  11. pedro confident dice:

    ohhhhhh is a new one thank you

  12. Alberto celada 5 A dice:

    the best is A and i love the video

  13. Alberto celada 5 A dice:

    The B is not have any people talking

  14. Alberto celada 5 A dice:

    the people of the C ia talking all the time .I love the blog

  15. michaelxd5c dice:

    I like coelenterates

  16. LEONOR dice:

    fernando are you there

  17. alba dice:

    why all ask for frenando

  18. Irene dice:

    Fernando you have to do the groups¡¡¡

  19. silvia 5c dice:

    the video is good but i prefer the human tail…!!!!!

    this coment is for Silvia and Micaela . :D;D

  20. pedro confident dice:

    asnd what about me silvia

    irene you convencid horrray

    and when is the next video

  21. Irene dice:

    You have to put it in class

  22. Alberto Celada 5 A dice:

    Helo I am a

  23. Irene dice:

    Im agree with Silvia you have to put it in class

  24. Irene dice:

    Silvia you put in all the coments your name and Micaela wy?

  25. pedro confident dice:

    if all the people want to see the human tail are only two options 1 that fernando put it

    2 that the children put it in he´s computer is too difficult im hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I doesen’t now that the jellyfish are more bigger than 1m.

  27. I dosen’t know that the jellyfish are bigger than 1m

  28. I don´r know that jellyfish are so big.

  29. Conde dice:

    Is very funny this video.
    I like a lot.

  30. colo dice:

    i have to tell a joke whi did the man throu butter out the window. to see a butterfly

  31. IRENE 5A dice:

    By see you fernando for the exammmmmmmmmmm

  32. nico5cuseros dice:

    the c is the best

  33. IRENE 5A dice:

    The A is the best because its the first to do all the chings that the B and the C
    A is the best
    Why the A dont coment anithing
    whats happening

  34. IRENE 5A dice:

    Anyone is comenting
    Are you there Fernabdo and children


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