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  1. Merymonre dice:

    I dont like mollusc
    Tell us the groups please

  2. Merymonre dice:

    Ok I am going tu put the positive coment 😄😄
    You are the best Fernando blablablabla l love you blablablabla
    Can you tell Marta and merymonre the sorpres that you are going tu put on blog

  3. Merymonre dice:

    Why the people dont talk 😭😭😭😭
    Im sad 😭😭😭😭

  4. Richard 5 C dice:

    this video is very good

  5. Merymonre dice:

    Ok the important part the girl that speak has the voz estrange

  6. Martis 02 5c dice:

    mery monre I dont now to spell voz but I now that is not like that

  7. richardthepro dice:

    is only Merymonre there???

  8. Martis 02 5c dice:

    And I AM agree with mery monre the molluscs are horrible and they do asquete sorry bit I dont nos to spell asquete 🙂🤔

  9. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Fernando you see that I put agree now??? 😕😕and Who is richardthepro because is nos a pro mmm😐😐😐

  10. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Thank you Fernando for disgustin you are always Tere🙃🙃

  11. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Fernando you are always correcting my coments ?😕😐😐

  12. Martis 02 5c dice:

    I want to put there no tere

  13. alba dice:

    Because we are here all the c and me do not let me know

  14. alba dice:

    Ha and the video is very interesting but that is secondary

  15. alba dice:

    Ricardo wath means your name

  16. Martis 02 5c dice:

    I AM kidding Kike Fernando says always

  17. alba dice:

    That mine is more important

  18. Martis 02 5c dice:

    I dont nos alba but his no te a pro I AM sure 😉😉

  19. alba dice:

    I imagine that you are all studying how I am

  20. Sofireynolds dice:

    I agree with merymonre and martis about the mollusc . i dont like it!
    They are like these💩💩

  21. pedro confident dice:

    OHHH thank you fernando but i don´t like the molluscs i prefer the

    arthorpossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thank you

  22. richardthepro dice:

    i am ricardo

  23. richardthepro dice:

    i alsow agree

  24. richardthepro dice:

    i prefere arthropods too!!!!!

  25. is any one there now ???

  26. and pro means profesional !!!!!!!

  27. I know that im not a pro but they didn’t let me to put only Richard and i put richardthepro.

  28. Martis 02 5c dice:

    well Sofia are nos like that are that but million of times

  29. what is the record of coments Mr. Gonzalez

  30. Martis 02 5c dice:

    Ricardo you change the foto ( another time 😕)

  31. Angela dice:

    this video is disgust

  32. Angela dice:

    Ricardo,why do you put Richard 5 C and then you put richardthepro?????

  33. michael xd 5c dice:

    the videos are funny and a little bit asquerous

  34. irene dice:

    Im agree with richard I dont like de video

  35. Beatriz dice:

    Beatriz dice: i agree with Pedro i prefer arthorporssssssssss

  36. Beatriz dice:

    Beatriz dice:richarthpro very nise name

  37. alba dice:

    bea why yuo put always BAETRIX DICE:

  38. pedro confident dice:

    well i prefer richard and nothing more

  39. Alberto celada 5 A dice:

    this video is perfect to lernd i put a positive comentary

  40. silvia 5c dice:

    i like this video


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