Unit 4: Money & Business

Publicado: abril 22, 2016 de darinofr en business, money, Social sciences, U
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In order to revise some of the contents of the unit, here is a small video to help you to remember some concepts about money and business.

  1. Merymonre dice:

    This vídeo is very cool and funny I give👍👍👍

  2. Mikaela 5º C dice:

    Pedro and Maria Im agree with you two 😀 ;D
    -Confiedent – Natural Boys

  3. pedro dice:

    me too merymonre

  4. david niño 5 c dice:

    It s very funny

  5. david niño 5 c dice:

    the video its very funny

  6. Andrea y hector dice:

    Is very funny

  7. david niño 5 c dice:

    I like the music

  8. Beatriz dice:

    Beatriz peculiares dice: can you put the human tal?

  9. pedro confident dice:

    me aswell david and i think that mikaela aswells

  10. Beatriz dice:

    Beatriz 5c dice: i like the song

  11. Angela dice:

    the mony whith a face and the girl throwing the money is funy

  12. Angela 5C dice:

    the money and the music are very funny


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