Introductory video to Cells. 5º-6º P.E.

Publicado: septiembre 14, 2015 de fersanjo en Cells, Science 5º, Science 6º

Watch again this motivational trailer! This unit we will be studying the different levels of organization in the human body and, as we have seen in class, it all starts with the cell. After watching the following video, try to answer the question below:

  1. Paula dice:

    the video is very good

  2. david alfageme serrano dice:

    me ha impresionnado el video , me ha encantado

  3. Alfonso dice:

    I like this web

  4. Roberto Mota dice:

    the video is fantastic

  5. Nereita dice:

    The video is so good

  6. Eva Alconada dice:

    the video is very very good

  7. Beatriz del Olmo dice:


  8. miguel dice:

    I like the most the music

  9. Ángel Blanco dice:

    is amaizing even the second time!!!!!!!!

  10. Inés García López dice:

    the music and the video were very good , I like so much

  11. alicia rey dice:

    the video and the music are fantastic

  12. Patricia dice:

    The video is very interesting and so good

  13. celia rodríguez dice:

    Hello I like a lot this video is very interesting and I learned a lot.

  14. david ramos dice:

    I saw the video a lot of times is fantastic and very interesring

  15. Javier Ramos Jimeno dice:

    Is a very good video of our body

  16. casilda dice:

    the video is fantastic. I like it so much.
    but I can not understand how can they make all this…
    it is very strange but at the same time is fantastic the video and as well the music

  17. cristina dice:

    mor mor mor

  18. Ana Barca dice:

    Hello, Ilike the video, the music is perfect, I love 3D dimension. BIE¡¡¡¡¡¡

  19. natalia dice:

    I like this video is fantastic¡¡!!¡

  20. Sara dice:

    This video is very very good

  21. cristina dice:

    ok :more,more,more

  22. Juan Diez Bort dice:

    this video is very good

  23. Silvia Domingo Echa dice:

    this video is so good for learning about cells

  24. Paula dice:

    this video is fantastic

  25. marta pascual dice:

    the video it is vey interesting you have to put more

  26. Itziar dice:

    The video is very interesting.
    We can learn a lot of things with this.

  27. carmen azpeitia dice:

    the video es very good

  28. Edmundo dice:

    The video and the music are fantastic!!!

  29. Marta dice:

    The video of the cells is fantastic

  30. isatienerizos dice:

    this video its amazing beacouse shows you the human body amd its very interesting

  31. isatienerizos dice:

    its fantastic

  32. isatienerizos dice:

    its very funny!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. paula espinilla dice:

    the video is wonderful an intresting i loved so much

  34. violeta badas dice:

    i like the background music

  35. Irene dice:

    I love the video, it is amazing

  36. Samuel Martín dice:

    This video is fantastic and the music is so good

  37. Raul Pastor dice:

    Good vídeo, is very interesting.

  38. rodriparada dice:

    this video is amazing i like .more

  39. INES CACERES dice:

    i like the video so much its very intresting and incredible

  40. INES dice:

    i like so much the video

  41. Paula dice:

    I like this video is very good to learn

  42. marta fernandez dice:

    It’s amazing, that’s in our body.

  43. Elvira dice:

    Our body is very interesting ¡¡¡¡

  44. Ariadna dice:

    The body is a mystery 😳

  45. luis pascu dice:

    this video is fantastic to learn. with this video is more easy to undersand the body

  46. alvaro cifu dice:

    it’s good to start the course I don’t imagine we have to do in the course buffffff

  47. Mateo dice:

    this video is fantastic

  48. Ricardo Muñoz 5 C dice:

    With this video it is easy to estudy and is veri funi : )

  49. Pablo castrillo dice:

    the video is amazing but the music is exagerated

  50. Lucy9 dice:

    I don’t understand how people can do this videos.
    Cells are so many colours!!! 😮😮😮👍👍:O

  51. david niño 5 c dice:

    I love this types of videos whith music and many information and also is very funny!!!

  52. luis diez fournier 5a dice:

    I like a lot this video and the music

  53. Angela 5C dice:

    the musis is funny


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