T4E: “We will change the future”

Publicado: junio 5, 2015 de fersanjo en U


Candidate: Ariadna Escudero.

Members: Paula Galán, Camino Arraiza, Marta Espina & Manuel Díez.


– Canteen: We´ll organize special weeks… Italian week (italian food), mexican week (mexican food)…etc.

– You´ll pay 115 euros per YEAR if you want to eat in the school

– Sports: Swimming, lifesaving, Rugby (with VRAC, because it´s the best)

– In Bachillerato, you will visit the Pope in Rome because we like religion a lot.

– Teachers will wear an UNIFORM like we do.

  1. FER dice:

    in bachillerato to visit the pop how many money is going to be?XD

  2. INES dice:

    where are we going to practice simming or lifesaving or rugby ????
    if its far is it going to be a bus ???
    if its far and we go by bus, how much does it costs ???

  3. INES dice:

    the money that we pay its a lot

  4. Marta Fernández dice:

    Why the teachers has to wear a uniform?

  5. Marta Fernández dice:

    I think that you can’t pay all the food of the year of the Canteen with only 115 euros per year

  6. Marta Fernández dice:

    Also I thing that if one children like El Salvador he didn’t like to go to the VRAC

  7. Alicia 6 A dice:

    Ariadna do you know how dificult is visit the pope. Do you know that for visit the pope you hace to sendas a e-mail or something like that to see in person. 😭😭😭😭
    But T4E stands for together for ever But the number is four is diferent than for. Ari I like your political party but I hace to defender my political party because COFE is the best political party.
    Pablo one thing of you don’t know how to write is not my foult because if you know that coffee is a drink and COFE is a political party , I don’t know why you write that.
    And remember vote COFE “walking to the future”
    But vote COFE vote COFE
    The power is in your hands
    And father christmas want to vote COFE🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

  8. paula rodriguez dice:

    I like so much the idea of the teachers that they need to use uniform

  9. irenemarch dice:

    I don’t like the idea of the uniform for teaches because it is interesting to see their clothes,but it would be funny to see the teachers with uniform and the children with normal clothes!!!!!!!

  10. Elvira dice:

    How aré you going to visit the pone , because many people want it and it is not going to be very easy…but i respect your party , I think some things aré a good idea

  11. Elvira dice:

    Pope I mean

  12. espinam dice:

    Well,in religious activities we think that we can do a theater and with that money,we use it to go to rome & visit the Pope.
    Thanks for asking.LOL 😉

  13. Mencía dice:

    -Marta, do you think that with only the money of a theatre representation can we all go to visit the Pope? I lilke the idea of meeting him, but is not so easy… 😦
    -If teachers also had to wear a uniform, it would be really funny. 😛
    -And, finally, where are going to swim,practice lifesaving or play rugby?

  14. Teresa dice:

    I like some propousals, but how you are going to do swimming if we don´t have a swimming pool?

  15. Teresa dice:

    And the prpousal of the canteen for doing french food or italian…exist.

  16. Teresa dice:

    I mean that actually in the canteen we have a Italian week and all that..

  17. AMAYA dice:

    I like the idea of the uniform,is very good because if they use it they could see what are the problems of the uniform .That is good ,but I don’t see Fernando with a uniform ,I see it more with the tracksuit.

  18. FER dice:

    I think that is a good idea the italian week … XD

  19. FER dice:

    and other thing what do you whant to mean with the teachers will wear UNIFORM

  20. samuel dice:

    From where are you going to take the money to visit the Pope?

  21. espinam dice:

    Mencia,we will get a permiss of a swimming pool to go to swim in there.
    Amaya,I didn’t think Fernando with uniform,too.But…that would be funny!!
    Fer,that means that the teachers should were a uniform like us.
    Samuel,we will do a musical (like the one of Magis ”el Principito) to colect money,but we will do 2 musicals.
    Thanks fo asking…..ANOTHER TIME!! 😛


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