COFE: “Walking to the Future”

Publicado: junio 3, 2015 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º

COFE Candidate: Mencía Castaño-Justel

Members: Fernando Cantalapiedra, Pablo Fernández, Marcos Alonso, Alicia Gallo & Covadonga Corujo.


– Javierada for one week

– MAGIS in 4th, 5th, & 6th of primary.

– A Radio Station for PASTORAL. You will be able to follow the latests news…Made by children for children.

– Some people clean the floor and the tables in the canteen. We will pay them 400 euros per month.

– Golf, a new extracurricular activity. Coaches will be paid 200 euros per year

  1. Marta Fernandez dice:

    And..where we play golf????

  2. Alicia 6 A dice:

    I think that our proposals are very good but the idea forma the salary of the couches was 2000 per year and I don’t know why we put 200 instead of 2000 thousand is a litle mistake. The other proposals are also very good the one I like the most is the one of the javierada because more days = more fun and that is very good😜😜😜 .
    I also like the proposal of Magis .

    • Marta Fernandez dice:

      I like very much the radio
      I think also that in magis there not many childs so is good.The proposal of javierada its good but also the weekends?I think that 400 € a is a lot,is like 3200€ per year,to much money,more than the coaches of golf per year.

    • Teresa dice:

      Well Alicia the mistake of the 200 is easy, add one cero at the poster and that is!! 😉

  3. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    I think that is ver y good is ver y similar at our polítical partie [PSU]

  4. samuel dice:

    Were are you going to put the golf pitch?From were are you going to get that money?Let’s see if your propousals work at the end.


    Cofe is a drink it don’t make sense my group is going to eat you you are lower than


    Walking for the future and if we won’t to go by car😈😈😈


    One radio for pastoral ,anyone is going to see it in our house we are studing playing video games or
    Whatching tv but no hearing one thing of the school in the radio


    And why it can be also for first of ESO


    Golf ,and where are you going to put the golf and not so much people like that sport⛳=💩

  10. Cristina garcia dice:

    Thr radio Israel a good idea but not soo Many persons aré gringa to listeing ir see tiene beca use we are plaing or studing and laso some persons doind sports and I don’t like the idea of golf si not fuuny .

  11. Cristina garcia dice:

    Sorry the traductor si bad ti puts al the time the things that Italia whants

  12. Teresa dice:

    I think that is a better idea also propouse magis to ESO (obiuslly not for 4rth of ESO or 3rth..)
    but for second or first is a good idea!! becouse there are persons of sixth of primary that want magis in first of Eso.

  13. Mencía dice:

    I think that the radio is a really good idea because you can participate and also learn much more things, but also it is optional to listen to it. (It would be a radio program like the one that we did of Francisco Javier,I think that it was a very funny experience, don´t you think so? And,another thing… Pablo,the drink is written like this: COFFEE. And our political party is written like this:COFE. So first differenciate between the drink and our political party and then, you can say that you´re going to drink us and all the things that you said,but respect the name of the group COFE(Centre Of Fun and Education).

  14. Mencía dice:

    And also,we wanted Magis for first of ESO, because there are a lot of people of 6º of primary that want to be in Magis for next year. And,well, golf was an option. In the pages that we wrote we put that golf was going to be voted when the next year classes start. Children of all ages could vote if they wanted or not to play golf. And they would play golf in a pitch called “El Golf”,that is in Simancas. To play golf they would have to travel, like the children that go to football. And that´s all.

    • INES dice:

      i think for the rest, Magis
      because in first of ESO many children would like to be in Magis in secnd of ESO and like that all the years

  15. Marta Fernandez dice:

    I think also that golf costs a lot of money
    And is not a good idea because,where is the money to do it?

  16. Felipe dice:

    I like your polítical party it looks good but wher aré you going to play golf? And there is going to be a bus like in football?

  17. paula rodriguez dice:

    I think that play golf it’s very boring but I like your political party

  18. irenemarch dice:

    Now in the canteen people clean the floor and tables…

  19. espinam dice:

    Ah,and one thing…THE CHILDREN HAVE TO PAY IT??
    Don’t think bad but………….are you crazy??!!

  20. espinam dice:

    ….but your political party is good,I want Magis for 4 of primary,…but…where not in 4 of primary!
    It doesn’t matter,but thats a good idea.;) 😀 🙂

  21. Elvira dice:

    Yes Marta you aré right

  22. Elvira dice:

    Because who is going to pay those400€??if you pay it with the money for canteen you cant’t pay thefood or the monitors…you Will have to pay more😰

  23. Mencía dice:

    Golf would be played in a pitch in Simancas, that is called “El Golf”. Children would have to go by bus to the pitch, like in football.

  24. Mencía dice:

    Well, we wanted to say that we would pay the people who clean the canteen 400 euros every three months.

  25. samuel dice:

    Walking to the future and we will change the future is very similar.Suspicious

  26. espinam dice:

    O_o !!!!!

  27. Mencía dice:

    Samuel, we didn´t copy anything from other groups!


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