Population pyramid: ANGOLA

Publicado: mayo 12, 2015 de fersanjo en Population, Population pyramid




  1. Elvira dice:

    This is amazing how such a high biftec rate and a Live expectancy sooooo low!!!😁

  2. Teresa dice:

    OMG! It looks like a perfect pyramid. But there are more male birth rate that in female.

  3. Teresa dice:

    But, we are talking about the population pyramid. So can any one tell me what is a population pyramid?

  4. rparada dice:

    Its true and the death rate is so high

  5. Teresa dice:

    I agree with you Alvaro!


    I don’t belive they are a lot of child’s there is a baby boom💣💣💣

  7. Mencía dice:

    Wow! How a low life expectancy! And also the birth rate is really high, like the death rate. :O

  8. Rociii dice:

    I would like to be a doctor, for help them with the health. Because is very sad the low life expentancy in this country 😦


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