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eu3 eu2

  1. Yago dice:

    Is a nice game to study

  2. paula bachiller dice:

    they are very good for learning

  3. anto6a dice:

    Is very usefull to learn

  4. miguel2603 dice:

    and more puzzle (this is from the capital cities of europian union)th–/e643de3d-8af5-4e3c-adee-4b7b8bcd803

  5. luchyolmi dice:

    Fernando I have one page of the European Union.It´s in Spanish but…

  6. Sandra García Arroyo dice:

    I think this game is very good because you can learn all the citéis in the European Union.

  7. paula dice:

    Fernando I have also a page to learn the capitals and the cities of europe , but it is in spanish:

  8. luchyolmi dice:

    But Paula the page that you put ,up there are some flags that if you clic on it appears the page but in the language you select.

  9. paula villa dice:

    I think is great becose you play every day 2 or 3 times you learn then

  10. paula perez dice:

    I like a lot this games they help you to study the maps

  11. David Medina dice:

    This game is nice

  12. David Medina dice:

    But a littel bit difficult

  13. viole dice:

    thanks to this , i learn a lot repiting the exercise

  14. Edmundo dice:

    Is a funny way to study

  15. casilda dice:

    i like very much this game. it’s great!!!

  16. Elvira dice:

    I like this game !!!!Sweet !!!so cool

  17. Teresa dice:

    I like the game is best way to study for the next exam!!


    What is the constitution?

  19. Adrigarciavilla dice:

    Is very usefull to learn this game.
    I love it!!😊😊

  20. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    i like this game, is useful to study 😉

  21. Teresa dice:

    Hey guys!! Can someone tell me what do we need to form the Real change?

  22. samuel dice:

    Yes,good game to know more about europe.But learning the capitals is so difficult!

  23. Teresa dice:

    Can any one say me what we need to form the real change??

  24. Rosalía!! dice:

    is so good, you can study and learn !!!

  25. Teresa dice:

    Hey, Fernando! I have the information of Liberland:
    Is in the border of Croatia and Servia. Is a piece of ground about seven square kilometers. And over that area there are a lot of lands that the two countries want. But there is a land about seven square kilometers that the two countries doesn´t want. And the persons that live in this area had the idea of doing his own country. They called: The free republic of Liberland!
    And know there are creating his constitution. The constitution is going to be similar that the one of Switzerland.
    His “lema” is: “Live and let live”
    But this is not all, the best part is that the persons that live in Liverland are looking for new residents of his country. And if you want to be a citizen of Liverland you can register in the web page.

  26. Teresa dice:

    Know Liberland is in the category of the thirteenth smollest coutries!!

  27. Teresa dice:


  28. iñigo bros dice:

    its the best form to learn

  29. Elsa dice:

    is great !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. marta fernandez dice:

    is a good way to learn the capitals and the countries

  31. marta fernandez dice:

    to see if we recorded in the head

  32. natalia trigueros dice:

    I think that this game is perfect for studing (;

  33. Mencía dice:

    I like this game, because I think that it´s simple but at the same time is really good for reviewing the lesson. 😉

  34. irenemarch dice:

    it is very usefull and it would help us in eurovision this days


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