Military Coup – ¡Quieto todo el mundo! 23-F

Publicado: abril 13, 2015 de fersanjo en U

  1. INES dice:

    this video was a bit funny in the part of the message of the king at the begining because he was asking when to start to talk

  2. INES dice:

    the rest of it is like…

  3. Elvira dice:

    I agree with you Ineses !!!! I think it’s hard and i’m a bit afraid , imagine that this happens nowadays😨

  4. FER dice:

    Yes Ines I agree with you two B-)

  5. Mencía dice:

    I´m like Inés… OMG! 😮

  6. samuel dice:

    This is incredible.Tejero is crazy

  7. Teresa dice:

    OMG!! Tejero is crazy!! The best part is when the King puts order. 🙂


    O my got tejero is crazy and a littlelvit😈😈😈

  9. rparada dice:

    jajajajaja yes I,m still.Very good fer

  10. Adrigarciavilla dice:

    I think that the man who did the atempted military coup was crazy.
    OMG!!!! What did he wanted to do!

  11. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    is impresive. Tejero was crazy 😮


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