Publicado: febrero 27, 2015 de fersanjo en Projects 6º

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  1. INES dice:

    you need to do more photos, my parents like them

  2. Gonchi dice:

    Well , I think that all are very good but my favorite one is the one of Mario

  3. Teresa dice:

    It´s a me “Mario”

  4. Teresa dice:

    But our proyect it isn´t finish. Tomorrow we need to do a lot of thing.

  5. samuel dice:

    I don’t appear in any photo.What a pity.Put more photos.And can some one tell me the parts of a PC?


    It’s really good because we can see the ideas of the rest of groups

  7. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    Fernando you have to do more photos, my parents like them, and I want to see more 😉

  8. Mencía dice:

    I like very much the photos!
    All the groups are doing a great work. 😉

  9. elvira dice:

    I agree with all of you, DEFINITELY , FERNANDO YOU HAVE TO PUT MORE PHOTOS!!!!!
    We`re working very hard, and our projects are very good

  10. FER dice:

    Yes Fernando you have to put more PHOTOSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Teresa dice:

    Yeah!! Please more potos, all the proyects are excellent I want to see it finished 🙂

  12. Elvira dice:

    Fernando now you can’t put more photos of our project…..We’ve already finished😪😭

  13. Elvira dice:

    But you can put photos of the children using them….itwould be sweet !!!!

  14. Adrian dice:

    The 6ºB projects are the bests

  15. Mencía dice:

    The photos that you add,are really good Fernando!Thank you very much! 😉
    I agree with Elvira,when we all finish the projects,can you put the photos of the children seen our projects? If you add that photos,it would be great. 🙂

  16. Gonchi dice:

    Yes fernando please say to dani that he can upload photos of the projects of 6ºB or 6ºD


    Now the project of my group is better than that foto

  18. maría:) dice:

    I like this activity ver much, i think that it was very interesting and funny, we have to do more things like this one 😉


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