Electric circuits: Application.

Publicado: febrero 4, 2015 de fersanjo en Energy, Science 6º

Click on the image!….& practice! Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 8.17.36 PM CHECK OUT some electric circuits! http://laantiguainglessherlock.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/make-our-own-electrical-circuits.html http://www.sunvalleyprimary.co.za/site/gallery/grade-6-electrical-circuits http://www.george-heriots.com/news/1023_p3-children-shine-at-science http://childrenandreporters.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/my-electric-circuit-house.html http://childrenandreporters.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/my-electic-circuite-fan-and-light-bulb.html

  1. Inesita!!!!!!!!! dice:

    Is very easy, in the quiz I have 5 of 5.

  2. Luis herrero:) dice:

    It’s very good!!!!!

  3. paula perez dice:

    the exercises are very good for studing

  4. David Medina dice:

    Is very interesting

  5. mike dice:

    i like the exercices


    I can play it’s a pitty😠😡

  7. Elvira dice:

    I love it¡¡. They ara a bit easy , but very good for studing

  8. Elvira dice:

    Pablo , you are right , you can only play in the computer😓

  9. Teresa dice:

    I like the game

  10. Teresa dice:

    And its very good explain.

  11. Teresa dice:

    I like the electric circuits.

  12. Teresa dice:

    But I want to do the one of my group. 🙂

  13. Felipe dice:

    Who can tell me what is a switch

  14. maría!!!!!!!:) dice:

    this game is interesting and very good for studing but… is very easy!!!! >(

  15. Teresa dice:

    YEAH!! I was the first answering Felipe.

  16. appletree dice:

    Fersanjo the image of the page 117 is like the one of the ford of primary

  17. Paula Rodriguez dice:

    Some one can tell me what is a resistor ???

  18. Gonchi dice:

    hello , I´m gonzalo . I like this game because it helps us to study and to prepare our project .
    I don´t want to brag but our project idea is impressive .

  19. samuel dice:

    I like the game to study

  20. Gonchi dice:

    It´s the Disneyland Paris castle with a red carpet with a platform that whirl in this one. And the most known characters are going to be in there. They are also going to be lots of light bulbs all around it .
    Hey now you know but shh . 🙂

  21. Teresa dice:

    Our group yes.

  22. Gonchi dice:

    yeah it sounds , but its a great challenge.Yeah we have and we have almost all.

  23. INES dice:

    its fantastic for learining some things but i though it was nicer because i though we could make our circuit like in the other one

  24. INES dice:

    but dont be sad fer, its nice

  25. samuel dice:

    Hey friends can some one tell me the colors of the spectrum?

  26. samuel dice:

    Tell me please the difference between echo and reverberation

  27. samuel dice:

    What are the characteristics and the properties of sound?


      The characteristics of sounds are
      Sounds goes in a straight lines throw all direction
      Sound have to pass throw a medium:solid liquid and gas
      Sound goes 315 second in air and 10th second in water

  28. samuel dice:

    What are the difference between convergent and divergent lenses?

  29. samuel dice:

    What is a lense?

  30. samuel dice:

    Im going to put mark.Lets see how many people have a ten

  31. Teresa dice:

    Yes pablo studing is boring but the good way is that you learn new things and it´s will be good for future.

  32. Teresa dice:

    Samuel do an other round of questions

  33. Teresa dice:

    Some any one can tell me what is a convergent lens??

  34. samuel dice:

    Pablo you have an 8

  35. samuel dice:

    How can you get the color white?

  36. samuel dice:

    When light passes from one transparent substance to another…

  37. samuel dice:

    An object that has no electrons and no protons is…

  38. Teresa dice:

    Samuel there are two questions or is like a complete??

  39. espinam dice:

    Well,the game is good but is quite easily.
    Ah,and you can get the colour white mixing:Red+Blue+Green=Yellow+Magenta+Cyan=White

  40. Teresa dice:

    Samuel remember to bring the matirials on Thursday.

  41. FER dice:

    is very easly but is a very good game


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