Publicado: febrero 2, 2015 de fersanjo en Energy, Science 6º

Here comes the latest hit… The MAGNET SONG!!!

A horseshoe magnet over a white background

(Intro activity for unit 8)

  1. paula bachiller dice:

    Of what is the atraction?
    of a magnet or of boy’s and girl’s

  2. Inesita dice:

    This video have a problem of sound


    I don’t like the song very much it’s a little bit💩 but for study is not bad


    🎓what is magnetism?

  5. Teresa dice:

    Are you Pablo of 6 C???

  6. Teresa dice:

    Magnetism is a propierty of some matirials, they attract iron and certain other matals.

  7. Teresa dice:

    Soo… what is a magnet?

  8. María¡¡¡¡¡:) dice:

    I don’t like very much this video becouse i think that the song is a bir boring:(


    🎓 name the two types of lens?

  10. Teresa dice:

    Convertgent and Divergent

  11. Teresa dice:


    Light travels……..

  12. Elvira dice:

    Light travels in a straight line in any direction👍👍

  13. Teresa dice:

    I like magnets, when I was littles I thought that was magic.

  14. Felipe dice:

    Wow Fernando thanks to saw us the new best hit

  15. Adrian Aja dice:

    Now in know that i have a iron healt

  16. samuel dice:

    I like it but I think there were better songs in the blog

  17. INES dice:

    i love this song

  18. INES dice:

    because you learn the different types of magnets

  19. INES dice:

    this question is for all

  20. INES dice:

    RED + GREEN =

  21. INES dice:

    RED + BLUE =

  22. INES dice:

    GREEN + BLUE =

  23. INES dice:


  24. Mencía dice:

    Good song for learning! But I prefer the rap of the heart. One question for all:
    What is speed of sound through air(per second)?😉

  25. Mencía dice:

    Sorry…What is THE speed of sound through air(per second)?*


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