Physical activity = HEALTH

Publicado: enero 12, 2015 de fersanjo en Diseases, Science 6º

  1. Teresa dice:

    Yes!! We need more physical education!!

  2. Teresa dice:

    The physical education is a way to have a good health becouse the health is a stay of physical. mental and social well-being.

  3. Teresa dice:

    the physical education make us have a healthy life and identify more sports that we didn´t know. Im not really good at sports but i like it becouse they are healthy and have really good habits.

  4. samuel dice:

    I like this type of video.Anda Im with him.We need more physical education!6 hours minimum!

  5. Raul dice:

    Yes,i’m agree with Samuel -6 hours minimun-and play many and diferent sports or activities like football,handball,bolleibol,or basketball

  6. Teresa dice:

    The two of you are right. And the persons of the video where right. The health is thing so important and we need to take care of him.

  7. Ariadna dice:

    I am Whit Samuel we need more Phisical education.PLEASE, PLEASE🙏

  8. Ariadna dice:

    And the person of the video where right

  9. marta fernandez dice:

    im with ariadna we NEED PHYSICAL EDUCATION, because if we dont have PE we are very sad and we dont are motivated


    The video is really good


    Yes more physical education we need💪

  12. Felipe dice:

    Yes we want P.E all the days of the week

  13. Adriana dice:

    This is true.
    We need and we went moré horas of P.E.
    We only have two hours a week


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