Publicado: noviembre 24, 2014 de fersanjo en Reproductive system, Science 6º

Thanks Marta F.!

  1. Teresa dice:

    The video is good and very well explainated but when you clik it to see it, it says that propetary of the video doesn´t want´s that the video is in other web pages only in youtube.

  2. marta fernandez dice:

    sorry,we cant see this video because the owner of the video doesnt want to show this video en web pages

  3. marta fernandez dice:

    you’re welcome fernando

  4. espinam dice:

    I realy like the videos,they are good to understand ovulation and pregnancy.

  5. marta fernandez dice:

    this videos are good because:
    there are two videos so we understand better.
    is explain the ovulation and preganancy.
    it says things of the book.

    soo… this are the reasons,…. AND I DONT HAVE MORE THINGS TO SAY. 😀 🙂 :!

  6. Teresa dice:

    But I don’t know why I have like 2 personalities ❓

  7. Teresa dice:

    soo strange…, but in other way when I enter in the blog I trayed to leave a comment, its like a way to sey: Hey Im here!!
    I like it but the thing that I almost want its to won “the person that comment more in the blog in this year”

  8. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    I like this videos because i think that they are very interesting.

  9. marta fernandez dice:

    and then you winned “the person who comment more in the blog this year”

  10. marta fernandez dice:

    but I will not make it easy hahaha, and that goes for all

    • espinam dice:

      Marti F,you can win the price…but you need to do a effort!! Firts,you need to win Samuel and Pablo Martin,then you need to comment all the days.Good luck M.F!! 😀

  11. INES dice:

    this videos are brilliant.
    Marta you comentied a lot but Samuel and Pablo Martin comented more so if you want to won them you need to join to the blog all days and coment like that
    OK ???
    I think so
    XD XD 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉

  12. INES dice:

    the videos like i said before, are extremedlygood.
    i agree with all the persons that said that.
    at one i didnt undrestand very wellsome things, but then i said whoou
    one of the videos i think is a bit ” pijo “, the one that is named ” OVULATON AND PRENGANCY ”
    they explined well, but not as PROFESIONAL as the others

  13. espinam dice:

    I have two things to say:
    1)The first video(ovulation) is really good!! When the ovum travels from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes,the image is like an ocean!!

    2)If someone thinks that I like to win the price of “the person that more coments in the year”…I don’t like to compete. xD

  14. The first video is really good because it tells a lot of things that I didn t knowed


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