Labor and Birth

Publicado: noviembre 21, 2014 de fersanjo en Reproductive system, Science 6º

The miracle of life!

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 9.24.46 PM

  1. eva dice:

    this vidio is very interesting

  2. Inés García López dice:

    it,s great

  3. paulus dice:

    a great vidio but a bit repelus

  4. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    This video is very interesting because it explains how a baby is born.

  5. Isa Garcia dice:

    it´s very beautifull !!!!!! :)and interesting!!

  6. David Medina dice:

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Its great and interesting!!!!!!!!!

  7. carmen azpeitia dice:

    i think that is very interesting

  8. Luis herrero:) dice:

    It is good but…desgasting

  9. Javier dice:

    This video is great !!! I liked very much.

  10. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    This video i like it very much because of two things: because is very beatifull, and because it’s very good explained. This video make’s me think: at the end, the baby is not uncomfortable?

  11. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    And also: the baby has got headache when he goes out? :o!!

  12. Elvira dice:

    I agree with you , Maria. The drawings explain very good the dilatation of cervix. And the baby has a very strange head.But is very good …😛

  13. Teresa dice:

    And the video It´s so good explain look´s so good it´s amaizing and interesting.

  14. Teresa dice:

    Look´s and sound so good the video.

  15. espinam dice:

    The video is good,is explain very well,I think is a very good theme 🙂

  16. Samuel Martín dice:

    The video is good but a little disgusting

  17. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    I like this vídeo but is disgusting

  18. marta fernandez dice:

    aaaah very very disgusting Fernando,but explain very well the dilatation of the cervix


    The video is really good😀 because it help to study🎓


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