Puberty: body hair

Publicado: noviembre 13, 2014 de fersanjo en Science 6º

Thanks Teresa!

  1. Elvira dice:

    This video is a bit weird😁

  2. Mencía dice:

    I agree with you Elvira.
    Is a strange video!

  3. Samuel Martín dice:

    puaaaj is very strange!

  4. Teresa dice:

    It´s so strange becouse I have comented in the blog with mi iPod but then I took the computer and its sims like if I have 2 usuaries, 1 of my iPod and other from the computer its sems strange but are things of the blog. (Things of computers…) : /

  5. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    The video of the boy talking, is a bit strange the definition is silly. I don’t like this video, this time no.

    • Teresa dice:

      I need to say that the people talk very fast, but when have seen like 20 videos like these then you come back to see these video and you think that the person that is talcking is like a baby of the Kinder learning to read.
      (Maybe I exagerete a little bit..)

  6. Teresa dice:

    Soo good!! 2 hours of phisichal education I like it.

  7. Teresa dice:

    Issent strange if you think,its just a video that explains us why do we have hair,you now.I love commenting,so here we go! here some aspects of it :
    1) Ok at first is a bit ugly,but then its completly normal,its avideo were it explains us all of the hair
    2)Hello? the people has censored,but they have clothes! its a bit inunderstanding right?
    3)More than four types of people.Thats good! not all people are the same.
    4)ejem……..yes so…AND THATS ALL!I thought you like it and comment over here

  8. this videos are really good and fun and a Little disgastin


    The video of henna Montana is horrible and disgasting


    The video is really disgasting and with out hair you can be sexi😈


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