Publicado: noviembre 9, 2014 de fersanjo en Musculoskeletal system, Science 6º

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 22.28.20


  1. Samuel Martín dice:

    The images are very complicated!

  2. Samuel Martín dice:

    The subtitles that are down helps you to understand better the video if you don´t understand the men

  3. Elvira dice:

    Wow it’s all so complicated !!! Goodness we don’t have to study all that!📕

  4. Teresa dice:

    Fernando I found a video in YouTube that is called:
    Why body’s hair?.
    If you like it you can put it in the blog.

  5. Javier dice:

    The man that speak about the hair, speaks very quickly.

  6. Mencía dice:

    I think that is really complicated to learn all the bones of the foot!!! It will take me a lot of time to learn all of them.I like the video because he explains it very well,but I think that he talks really fast at the end.

  7. This video is realy good because it helps to study the parts of the foot


    🎓 with ones are the parts of the feet ?


    🎓 how many tars al bones you have?


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