Taste buds. Supertasters!

Publicado: noviembre 4, 2014 de fersanjo en Science 6º, Senses


Additional exercises:

Reading comprehension (& test questions) USEFUL!!!:  http://www.readtheory.org/beginning/Taste.htm 

– Complex, but interesting….: http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/ViewObject.aspx?ID=AP14104

Longest tongue. Guinness World Record!! CAN YOU SEE THE TASTE BUDS? (video)


  1. Alejandro alvarez dice:

    I like the video

  2. miguel2603 dice:

    I like, is amezing the largest tongue.

  3. Elvira dice:

    The long tongue is disgusting aggg!!!!!👎👎

  4. Elvira dice:

    Why has the first men the tongue black????

  5. Teresa dice:

    The video es fine, but is so much disgusting!! =/

  6. Samuel Martín dice:

    Its impressive

  7. Samuel Martín dice:

    How it keeps the woman the tongue in the mouth?Does she bend it?

  8. Samuel Martín dice:

    The little boy that is eating the vegetables is very funny

  9. Teresa dice:

    I think that the tongue is so impressive but I think that if you taste things so sweet it taste like bitter.👅🍙

  10. marta fernanadez dice:

    woow is a large tongue,it is longer than the tongue of a dog?

  11. adriana garcia dice:

    We are Raquel Rosalia and Adriana.We are doing the science project and we enter in the blog.Is amaizing

  12. Mencía dice:

    The longest tongue of the world is really disgusting!

  13. Mencía dice:

    And the video is impressive!
    The little children are very funny! 😛

  14. Raul Pastor dice:

    Woow a long tongue


    The video is really strange what they put him in the mouth is really desgustin


    That is a very long Tonge I think she can touch the eye with the tonge


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