The brain and senses

Publicado: noviembre 3, 2014 de fersanjo en Nervous system, Science 6º, Senses

Click on “the brain and senses” to find out more about the nervous system. You can try lots of activities & review what we´ve seen in class!

  1. Alejandro alvarez dice:

    It’s good,i like it.

  2. Inés García López dice:

    yes, Its very interesting.

  3. Teresa dice:

    The Clochea looks like a snail 🐌

  4. Samuel Martín dice:

    Is very good to study and very interesting

  5. INES dice:

    its right the clochea looks like a snail, i agree whith you teresa.
    Its also very good for understanding many parts of the ear i like alot the test questions. FERNANDO are you going to put some of this test questions in the exam, i say this for cheking the blog more times and for studing those test questions !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :p

  6. Elvira dice:

    I Also agree with you Inés ,you aré right!!!!!!!! And the diferent colours help you a lot to understand all the staff!!!!! 📝📚📒and the ear drum looks like a hat👒Can you put moré drawings like this????I mean so colorfull. Please!!!!

  7. Samuel Martín dice:

    The images are very good but only feew people coment

  8. Mencía dice:

    I think that is also a good way to study.It’s got great drawings and very colorful staff so you don’t get confused with the different parts of the ear. 😉


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