More on the EYE

Publicado: noviembre 1, 2014 de fersanjo en Science 6º, Senses

Learn more about the eye! Your “precious portals” & “natural marvels”…

  1. David alfageme dice:

    Its fantastic

  2. veronica barbolla dice:

    Is very interesting…

  3. paula bachiller dice:

    it’s very good and you learn lot’s of new things.

  4. Alejandro alvarez dice:

    It’s incredible and very interesting.

  5. Inés García López dice:

    is a very interesting fact

  6. Teresa dice:

    The eye is so beautiful, but I think that the man or woman that have the eye is not real.

  7. Teresa dice:

    And the video is brilliant!!

  8. Samuel Martín dice:

    It helps you to study

  9. Samuel Martín dice:

    She doesn’t speaks fast

  10. maria!!!!!!! :) dice:

    Is fantastic have a good sight and can see a world around us. This video make me think in blind people that they can’t see things like us, so there life it has to be more dificult because they can’t explore new things like we do. 😉

  11. Raul Pastor dice:

    Beautiful eye

  12. Raul Pastor dice:

    It helps my a lot to study the parts of the eye

  13. INES dice:

    the pictures of the video are very nice it explains very well how it works and some parts , some extra parts i like it

  14. INES dice:

    it also helps for studing the eye parts

  15. Ariadna dice:

    I like very much because helps to study

  16. and the song is beutiful

  17. Elvira dice:

    I thik it is brilliant!!!

  18. Elvira dice:

    And I agree with Ines👀

  19. Mencía dice:

    Is a great video!
    Useful at home! 🙂


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