How much do you sleep?

Publicado: octubre 27, 2014 de fersanjo en Nervous system, Science 6º

  1. Luis herrero:) dice:

    The video is so good

  2. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I like a lot !!!!;)

  3. Natalia dice:

    !!¡¡The video is very good.I liked!!¡¡

  4. casilda dice:

    the video its exelent, and it helps to now how should we sleep in our life, and how many hours should we sleep in a day ( night) and as well it talks about of what’s going to happen if we don’t sleep what we need.
    the person speaks so fast… like Yeremy!

  5. paula espinilla dice:

    guau sleeping is very important

  6. Itziar dice:

    I liked a lot this video.Sleeping is important

  7. Isa Garcia dice:

    it´s very important sleeping!!!:):)

  8. carmen azpeitia dice:

    i think that now a going to say to other person that they need to sleep more

  9. Ismael Alonso dice:

    I liked the video,it was very interesting.

  10. Samuel Martín dice:

    Is very funny

  11. Samuel Martín dice:

    Today imgoing to sleep a lot so I have not diabtes

  12. Teresa dice:

    The video is so good, we need to sleep.

  13. INES dice:

    The video is excelent today am going to sleep as much as i can and try to dont wak up in the middle of the night

  14. INES dice:

    In the video they spoke very fast so some things i couldn uderstand but whit the photos and imagesi understud almost all.
    This video is great for practis real english, english talked fast

  15. INES dice:

    My father sometimes put some videos in english and then he ask my sister and also to me some things about the video he put us, and if we didnt understand somethin he explain us that thing and other times he put us that part of the video again

  16. Ariadna dice:

    I sleep more hours💤💤

  17. Espina dice:

    I like so much!!

  18. Raul Pastor dice:

    Today im going to sleep so much i can


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