Circulatory system

Publicado: octubre 22, 2014 de fersanjo en U


  1. Paula Villaverde Cantarín dice:

    wow, it is really cool

  2. Elvira dice:

    Yes ,the veins arteries and capillaries. The y aré so many …imagine having to study all of them.

  3. Samuel Martín dice:

    Wow its impressive!

  4. Samuel Martín dice:

    It doesn’t look like veins and arteries

  5. INES dice:


  6. marta fernandez dice:

    woooow incredible,where you get all this pictures,you dont say me,of Facebook!

  7. Fer dice:

    wow is very interesting

  8. Mario dice:

    Which material is this?

  9. another time on twitter je je je

  10. Ariadna dice:

    It like red lint.🎈

  11. Espina dice:

    That circulatory system is incredible!


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