Musculoskeletal system: sports

Publicado: octubre 20, 2014 de fersanjo en Musculoskeletal system, Science 6º

  1. Elvira dice:

    Our body is impressive !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Samuel Martín dice:

    Its impressive how they do that

  3. Samuel Martín dice:

    With out legs, without arms…

  4. elvira dice:

    yes,they get used to teir differences…they adapt really well

  5. elvira dice:

    it’s awesome!!!

  6. elvira dice:

    I’m impresed!!!!!!!

  7. Ariadna dice:

    Is very nice!

  8. Ariadna dice:

    How Zheng Tao win??

    I AM IMPRESED 😦😧😦😧

  9. Samuel Martín dice:

    At the end he hit in the head auuuu

  10. marta fernandez dice:

    its swimming like a fish,the people are incredible

  11. Mencía dice:

    Wow!They control really well their bodies without having arms,legs…
    It´s impressive! 😮


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