Musculoskeletal system & more!

Publicado: octubre 14, 2014 de fersanjo en Circulatory system, Digestive system, Musculoskeletal system, Respiratory system, Science 6º

Explore the muscles, bones, body systems……and so many more!!

Take your time…It´s quite fun!


  1. paula dice:

    It’s very funny and interesting

  2. Ángel Blanco dice:

    i liked too !

  3. paula perez dice:

    i like it is interesting

  4. juan 6C dice:

    i like the leg in 3D

  5. Luis herrero:) dice:

    I like The Photos in 3D .They are so funny and interesting:)

  6. David Medina dice:

    I like the Photos they are intersting and in 3D

  7. Cristina garcia dice:

    I like 3d

  8. Elvira dice:

    It si very intreresting, Andes because it is in 3D you can understand and see it better. I like it a lot!!!!!!

  9. paula rodriguez dice:

    The first photo is very extrange

  10. Ariadna dice:

    I like the leg in 3D.You see all the muscles very well👍👍


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