More on the HEART

Publicado: octubre 8, 2014 de fersanjo en Circulatory system, Science 6º

A very interesting website to explore the heart. Take some time to identify the different parts!

A good test to give you an idea of the kind of questions that will be on the exam.

And some extra ones……

  1. Mario Rodríguez dice:

    It´s very interestin and very useful

  2. miguel dice:

    it´s very interest,also for the exam

  3. Ángel Blanco dice:

    is very useful for the exam

  4. Paula Bachiller dice:

    I like the most the “encuestas” but the game is also very funny

  5. Carlos Bernal dice:

    I´M like the” encuesta” and also the games

  6. Carlos Bernal dice:

    I´m like everithing

  7. david alfageme serrano dice:

    its fantasts ic

  8. Roberto Mota dice:

    the game is good because we can see easyli the different part of the heart and the questions are good too

  9. laura garcia dice:

    its fantastic¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  10. Carmen dice:

    This things are good for studing and for practice

  11. paula perez dice:

    the questions are good for the exam to revise

  12. isatienerizos dice:

    this is very good to revise and it´s very interesting

  13. casilda dice:

    the questions are easy and good to revise for doing the exam

  14. Ana Barca dice:

    Hello the photo is very interesting, I love the efect of 3 D. BYE.

  15. juan diez bort dice:

    this photois in 3D IS IMPRESIVE

  16. Luis herrero:) dice:

    The 3D efect are incredible.I like very much!!!

  17. Rocío dice:

    Is ver y Good:)

  18. Alvaro dice:

    Good test questions

  19. Alvaro dice:

    Good test questions but so easy

  20. Samuel Martín dice:

    the questions are soooo good


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