Heart #poster

Publicado: octubre 6, 2014 de fersanjo en Circulatory system, Science 6º


  1. Samuel Martín dice:

    Its very funny like the other posters but a little bit …complicated

  2. Samuel Martín dice:

    Jaja all the veins and arteries have faces

  3. Samuel Martín dice:

    And the deoxygenated blood is sad and the oxygenated happy!

  4. Raul Pastor dice:

    Yes,a Little bit complicated,but funny

  5. Paula Rodriguez dice:

    Is very funny the picturebecause some part have faces like other posters

  6. Rocio dice:

    It’s very good and godo ti estudy

  7. INES dice:

    the photos of the green day are very funny and they are also useful for study and if you didnt understand something,its good for undertanding better those things

  8. INES dice:

    this is the best blog i had ever enter in

  9. Alvaro dice:

    Good poster a littel bit complicated

  10. Fer dice:

    This is funny but very big I thik


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