Publicado: octubre 3, 2014 de fersanjo en Digestive system, Respiratory system, Science 6º

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  1. Alvaro Rodriguez dice:

    it’s very funny 🙂

  2. Samuel Martín dice:

    Its very good I like it

  3. Mencía dice:

    Jajaja!!!What a funny pictures. 😛
    I like them a lot because they are very useful. 🙂

  4. Cristina garcia dice:

    I like the pictures because the y aré funny and y can estudy very bell

  5. Raul Pastor dice:

    Good and funny pictures

  6. Paula Rodriguez dice:

    I like this because I appears

  7. Elvira dice:

    They aré so funny¡¡¡¡

  8. Ariadna dice:

    I like because are very funny and I can study very well😄

  9. rodriparada dice:

    is very good but how can you do this

  10. alvaro cifu dice:

    jajaja so funny pictures i like them very much it’s incredible and so usfull to study thanks Fernando

  11. Fer dice:

    very funny picture

  12. marta fernandez dice:

    hello Fernando i say you that today i comment,but is incredible my food and the food of ines mixed with saliva,how the body and the digestive system can do these?


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