Respiratory system #poster

Publicado: septiembre 24, 2014 de fersanjo en U


  1. Samuel Martín dice:

    Jajaja its very funny

  2. Samuel Martín dice:

    I like it very much

  3. Samuel Martín dice:

    Do you also found it in facebook fernando?jaja

  4. INES dice:

    i love this web page a lot i learn a lot of new things and extra things that we dont see in class.
    there are funny and some iuqui things but its ok

  5. INES dice:

    i saw all the videos and they are

  6. this photo is very good and very question.whi one lung is smiling and the carbón dioxside have teeth?

  7. Elvira dice:

    I have to say that the poster is very funny and also helps us to understand better the systems. The drawing is awesome , I lime the diaphragm

  8. Irene dice:

    i like it is very funny and interesting

  9. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    I like this póster and the other with this posters i andestarnd muchos
    Where did you found this postres?

  10. Mencía Castaño-Justel Vallelado dice:

    The posters are fantastic! 😉
    I really like them,and they are very useful to study at home.

  11. Mencía dice:

    A funny way to study science. 😛

  12. Elsa dice:

    The bronchi and the rib cage are good friends

  13. Elsa dice:

    in the square you can put a photo ???????

  14. rodriparada dice:

    this is realy good and the lung is smaling jajajajaja


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