Vocal cords

Publicado: septiembre 22, 2014 de fersanjo en Respiratory system, Science 6º

Check it out… This is what happens when you speak

  1. Edmundo dice:

    The vocal cords are impresionant!!

  2. casilda dice:

    how do they make the video?
    its true… its impresive

  3. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    I like this video because you can se the rings of the trachea

  4. Claudia Fernández dice:

    Is Very funy !

  5. Natalia dice:

    I like the video very much

  6. Paula dice:

    is a very good video
    I like it!

  7. Marta Heras dice:

    The video is amazing.

  8. juan diez bort dice:

    this video is very funny

  9. Luis Herrero dice:

    Y like very much the video !!!

  10. isatienerizos dice:

    this video its amazing !!!!!! how they do it???

  11. isatienerizos dice:

    its very funny!!!!!! jajajaj

  12. Pablo Contreras dice:

    The video is impresionant

  13. Miguel cuadrado dice:

    It sings very well

  14. Itziar dice:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!
    this video is impressive

  15. casilda dice:

    is it possible to see that looking to the mirror?
    cause if yes, its look intresting…

  16. Samuel Martín dice:

    I like this video but is disgusting…¡And funny!

  17. Rocio dice:

    Is very good!!!😄😄😄

  18. Inés Molina Gutiérrez dice:

    Is en increíble vídeo but alitelvit ….puah!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ariadna dice:

    Is very interesting and funny 😊

  20. maría dávila!!!!!!!!!:) dice:

    the video of the vocal cords looks like an alien. It’s nasty!!!

  21. he sing very well
    la,la,la or like carlos Alonso
    sol mi

  22. Irene dice:

    i like this video because you can see how can you speak
    and i think it is impresive

  23. Rodrigo Manzano dice:

    I liked it, it’s amazing

  24. Mencía Castaño-Justel Vallelado dice:

    Wow!It´s impressive!I didn´t now how were the vocal cords. 😮

  25. Mencía dice:

    It´s impressive!
    It´s amazing!
    It´s fantastic!
    I like it a lot,I didn´t now how were the vocal cords. :O

  26. Elsa dice:

    AT THE SAME TIME IS … filthy

  27. Raul Pastor dice:

    jajajaja i laugh a lot with this video funny video 🙂

  28. alvaro cifu dice:

    amazing video it’s a joke


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