Feed me!! Science 6 P.E.

Publicado: septiembre 18, 2014 de fersanjo en Nutrition, Science 6º

Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer ever, used to have a very strict diet which involved eating a 12000 calorie breakfast every day. For those wishing to enlarge on this topic, go to:


Many of you asked what he eats in a day -not only for breakfast- Here you have the information!

Listen to Michael Phelps talk about his diet & habits

  1. Inés García López dice:

    In the video he talks very fast!!!
    And the foods where very interesting

  2. Ángl Blanco dice:

    he eats a lot !!!!!!!

  3. Itziar dice:

    He its a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But i don´t see any fruit or vegetables in the breakfast,lunch or dinner.

  4. Edmundo dice:

    He is a superman

  5. casilda dice:

    he eats really a lot, but why do people say that he eats m ore than he eats?
    its true, he is a superman

  6. Natalia dice:

    He eats a lot.¡! I like the video

  7. Marta dice:

    He eats a lot is true

  8. paula espinilla dice:

    guau 1200 calorie thats a lot of food and money

  9. casilda dice:

    feed me!!!!!!!!
    he is so strong! what a shout!
    oh god!

  10. carmen azpeit dice:

    it´s a crazy people

  11. Claudia Fernández dice:

    Is like a machine

  12. juan diez bort dice:

    he eat`s a lot

  13. isatienerizos dice:

    i dont understand !! he´s very thin and eats a lot

  14. He is very strong he is like cristiano

  15. Samuel Martín dice:

    Its incredible

  16. Elvira dice:

    It’s amazing how much he can eat

  17. Álvaro Rodríguez dice:

    It’s amazing how much he eat, but I don’t understan very well because he speak so fast

  18. Cristina garcia dice:

    He eat a lot because he do many exercise

  19. Samuel Martín dice:

    he is going to explote boooooom

  20. Ariadna dice:

    Michael Phelps he eat a lot but he do a looooooot of exercise

  21. Irene dice:

    burning calories or not i think he eats too much =)

  22. Mencía Castaño-Justel Vallelado dice:

    He´s really strong.It´s amazing! =o

  23. Mencía Castaño-Justel Vallelado dice:

    How much food could he eat in a day?

  24. luis pascu dice:

    this person eats a lot . IS INCREDIBLE

  25. Felipe dice:

    Michael Phelps is the best eating

  26. Raul Pastor dice:

    O my god Michael Phelps is an animal eating

  27. Raul Pastor dice:

    He eat so much

  28. alvaro cifu dice:

    wow i impresive he eats more than me

  29. alvaro cifu dice:

    and he’s breakfast it looks delicious mmmmmmm

  30. marta fernandez dice:

    is a monster, only a monster can eat that


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