STSJ: “The school of your dreams”

Publicado: junio 14, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.17.50

Candidate: Paula Pérez

Members: Javier Ramos, Patricia Trigueros, Patricia Plaza & Celia Rodríguez.


– New act.: swimming (150 €/term), archery,  Zumba for mums, bowling (60 €/term), Lacrosse,  Cricket for grandparents.

– No homework. We do everything in class (5 hours)

– New Schedule: 8 h.-14 h.

– Solidarity day: you can either eat pizza or omelet

– Canteen: 100 €/ YEAR!. Always international food.

  1. natalia dice:

    I like more hours for doing homework. 🙂

  2. natalia dice:

    Where are you going to put the cricket for grandparents?¿

  3. paula perez dice:

    cricket for grandparents is going to be in one place called city of Valladolid but it isn’t going to be in the school

  4. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    Your ideas are great!!
    How many days are you going to go to swim?

  5. Javier san jose perez dice:

    Were will be the bowling

  6. viole dice:

    these is injustice we are your class and you only put one of the political party

  7. celia rodriguez dice:

    There is going to be swimming clases 2 days a week

  8. paula perez dice:

    bowling will be in one room next to the yellow room


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