Spartans: “We`ll fight for you”

Publicado: junio 10, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º



Candidate: Gabriel Portugal

Members: Pablo Tribiño, Roberto Vaquero, David Ramos & Javier San José.


– New ext. curricular activities: Table tennis, Karting & Orienteering.

– Exchange program. (We want to make new friends!)

– Give toys to inmigrants

– Catechesis @csjva school

– Create Brotherhoods¿?

– A band just to sing carols

– Make videos about the bible

– Canteen: always pizza & paella

  1. Javier Ramos Jimeno dice:

    I think that if we eat all the days pizza and paella some children wont eat pizza because they wont like the food,

  2. Javier Ramos Jimeno dice:

    But please answer

  3. 6b14 dice:

    Nice ideas SPARTANS,but I don’t like the idea of the pizza every day,the people you’ll fight for will be too fat 😦

  4. 6b14 dice:

    Great! You’ll put orienteering… XD and karting too! XD

  5. 6b14 dice:

    And you’ll do brotherhoods with who?

  6. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    With your ideas we don’t have to but balls because we’ll be the balls🏀⚽️⚾️🎾🎱🍕🍲

  7. paula perez dice:

    where are you going to put karting?

  8. gabriel portugal dice:

    but we don,t put always pizza and paella we put one day a month

  9. Edmundo dice:

    Pizza and paella all the days is bad to the children

  10. javier san jose dice:

    we aren,t going tu put all the days that we will put mediterranean food and fish

  11. javier san jose dice:

    and buffet and soft drinks like coca cola

  12. javier san jose dice:

    brotherhood is the people that in easter goes in the streets

  13. paula we will go to the meseta karting in equinocio

  14. javier san jose dice:

    we will pay with taxes in the schoool

  15. Gabriel Portugal dice:

    We pay the taxes


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