GFSJ: “You will be our friend”

Publicado: junio 1, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º



Candidate: Pablo Fernández

Members: Miguel Cuadrado, Manuel Fernández, Rodrigo Carravilla & Gabriel González


– French in Prim. Ed.

– A new sports center with more basketball courts

– A gym for Bachillerato (everyone should have a 6-pack!)

– Breakdance (extracurricular activity)

– Every student must sign up for a sport.

– 2 h. of Spanish & 3 h. of P.E /week??

– Omelettes will be banned for the “Solidarity week”. Another thing, please!

  1. paula perez dice:

    i think breakdance is a very good extracurricular activity

  2. dice:

    Where are you going to put the gym for bachillerato ?¿?

  3. Nataly dice:

    Where are you going to get the money to built the sport center?¿

  4. David Ramos dice:

    I think that the gym is very good but I think that is better for primary and eso

  5. Silvia Domingo Echávarri dice:

    What are you going to put in the gym???
    A pool please!!!
    And an execrase tape,I have never proven it , but It looks funny.

    • cuadrao zumbao dice:

      we are going to go to the pool in don sancho but fernando dont put that

      • rodricrack3 dice:

        yes thats true there is going to be in don sancho because i think that is a waste of money build a new pool if you have don sancho near the school

  6. carmen dice:

    i don t think its a good idea that all the children must sing up in a sport because maybe they do one outside the school or they don t like sports,i think that its necesary to do a sport because its healthy,but its more important to know other things,like languages,informatis…because that its the future,not the sports

  7. gabriel portugal dice:

    Im with david

  8. Ismael dice:

    The people who like football don´t want more basketball courts.

  9. cuadrao zumbao dice:

    but you have a lot in san isidro the football

  10. Juan dice:

    I think that is a bad idea sign up all the students because if they don´tlike the sports they don´like the obligation to sign up

  11. Juan dice:

    Why a new sport center with more basketball courts? The people who like football want more football fields

  12. Juan dice:

    Where are you going to put the gym? If we all have a six pack they will though that we are drinking bad things

  13. cuadrao zumbao dice:

    yes but you have a lot in san isidro

  14. gabriel portugal dice:

    but if you don,t wont to do french

  15. gabri dice:

    you have to know about some of the important leguges like french or english

  16. cuadrao zumbao dice:

    you dont have a obligation to do french is a estracurricular acivity if you dont llike you dont go

  17. Juan dice:

    Who is going to do the omelettes in the solidary “week”??


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