DBST4U: “The future is here”

Publicado: mayo 28, 2014 de fersanjo en Projects 6º, Science 6º


Candidate: Luis Herrero

Members: David Medina, Victor Mato, Sergio Manso & Pablo Macías.


– New languages: Arabic & German (extracurricular)

– Last hour of the week:  study & homework in class!

– More changing rooms in the school

– A scary house in “Fiestas”

– We have to pray in English

– Food from different countries every week

– A new ice rink in the school

  1. Natalia dice:

    It is not enough with all the changing rooms that they are in school

  2. Natalia dice:

    Where are you going to put the ice ring?

  3. Natalia dice:

    But the ice ring in summer it melts 😦

  4. paula perez dice:

    i don´t like the idea of introducing arabic because isn´t very useful
    Why are you going to introduce it ?

  5. David Ramos dice:

    I’m with you in the scaring house in fiestas because I like it so much!!!!!

  6. Andrés dice:

    Why arabic?

  7. ITZI dice:

    I say the same thing that in the other political party that i see a silly thing to put studying and working if almost nobody likes it.

  8. Javier Ramos Jimeno dice:

    I’m with you in studing and doing homework but i don’t understand why are you going to put arabic anybody speak that only yhe arabians

  9. paula perez cancio dice:

    why we put a lot of things and nowbody answer

  10. David Ramos dice:

    I don’t know but we are wasting our time

  11. Natalia dice:

    I think that the arabic is a silly language!¡¡ 😦

  12. carmen dice:

    its not necesary to know arabic it strange

  13. illya dice:

    I don’t like the idea of of the new languages arabic and german

  14. Casilda dice:

    I think that nowbody is going to go to german and arabic classes. But I like learning different languages because I think that languages are the future. In the future, everybody is going to speak chinease, german, english, french and a lot more. Also, if you speak different languages is easer to find work because you can go to other countries.
    But is true. Arabic is not a very usefull idea…

  15. Casilda dice:

    Great idea last hour of the week to do our homework!!!!

  16. David Ramos dice:

    I dont care the only thing that I know its that tje winning parte is going to be the SP spartans party because is the best of all

  17. t_g_jhon dice:

    i dont like more languages, because with chino and japaness. and not much people is going to study arabic

  18. patricia bueno dice:

    yes , im agree with you Casilda and in the weekend we could have more time for estuding

  19. rodricrack3 dice:

    i dont like the idea of pray in english.now in the lessons of english and science we pray in english. i think that is good to pray like now

  20. tribi39 dice:

    Why arabic??Not many people know arabic??And HOMEwork

  21. tribi39 dice:

    but the german classes are a good idea

  22. patricia bueno dice:

    yes i like more how we pray now

  23. 6B6 dice:

    Who wants to learn arabics??????

  24. juan dice:

    DBST4U is bada because D is in spanish and it has to be THEBST4U

  25. David Ramos dice:

    Me too because is very good know

  26. MATO.V dice:

    ALL of you aren’t very clever because you put the same criticizene

  27. David Medina dice:

    Yes we win boys Good jop we make It posible boys continue lake that you are big but now we have to make that the political party of Edmundo be with as in the parliament Because we Need him this is the last think we have to do and we will have the absolute power . Sow pleace we have to do the last step the best we can . Come on boys


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